Practicing "The Golden Rule"

This is a big week in America as we all vote for new leaders in all levels of government. No matter what the outcome of the election will be, about half of the people will be disappointed, angry, sad, mad and disgruntled with the results. How we each act in these moments of victory or defeat defines us as human beings. Our character is in question all of the time, and is on full display for others whether we want to admit it or not. Will we be good sports in these election results? Or will we be sore losers?

No matter who wins, it is imperative for each of us to take stock in the feelings of others. Whether our candidates win or lose, we all need to remember that we are part of a greater group of people called Americans ... and beyond that we are citizens of the world. None of us are the same in our education, culture, experience, or beliefs, but all of us are the same because we are human. We all deserve basic human respect, equal rights, and the ability to pursue our dreams. We must choose to be kind, and tolerant, and loving, and forgiving and accepting of the opinions and differences that separate us so that we can all peacefully coexist and grow into who we are meant to be.

If we just try to remember how we would like to be looked at, talked to, listened to, loved, forgiven, encouraged, helped, smiled at and treated - and remember those things when we interact with others, it will be easy to practice the golden rule in our daily lives. No one likes to be demeaned, yelled at, abused, berated or shunned. If you don't like it, then don't do it to someone else. Spread brotherly love and kindness. I guarantee what you get back will be a better result and feeling that any satisfaction you many momentarily feel lashing out in anger. I dare you to love - especially this week.

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If we all would ascribe to practicing "The Golden Rule", where we treat others with respect and dignity, and treat them how we would like to be treated, the world would be a much happier place. No mat